UPDATE: No charges recommended after bizarre incident in downtown Vancouver

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UPDATE: No charges will be recommended after a bizarre incident at a Wind Mobile store in downtown Vancouver. 

Detectives executed a warrant to search the business and obtained video footage from within the office along with a number of exhibits associated with the incident.

After examining the video and speaking with the three people involved, investigators have completed their review of the incident and say there is no evidence to support criminal charges.

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Vancouver Police are dealing with a bizarre incident in the downtown area that may have involved a sexual assault.

Const. Brian Montague says shortly before noon today, someone called 911 saying they were walking past a Wind Mobile store on Robson Street and Hamilton Street when they saw a foot behind the counter of a closed door.

Officers attended and confirmed that the business was, in fact, closed.

They saw a woman inside the business and at least one man, but no one appeared to be in distress.

The individuals inside were not cooperative and did not open the door when asked by police.

Officers accessed the store from the rear and managed to take three people, two men and one woman, into custody.

In a bizarre twist, Montague says they managed to get in touch with the business representative, who told them that the store should be closed and no one should be inside. But he was located inside the store by police during the arrest.

While police were dealing with the situation, the area was closed off to pedestrians and traffic. The Emergency Response Team and police negotiators were also on scene.

Montague says they are not sure what exactly they are dealing with, and that it’s possible police disrupted a sexual assault that was in progress, but it’s still too early to say.

“We don’t know if we have a criminal offence here,” he says. “We don’t know if what was going on inside was consensual or not.”

Montague says there is a concern a sexual assault may have taken place because the woman was naked when officers arrived.

He says the woman, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs, was uncooperative, but was taken to hospital although she had no visible injuries.

But it doesn’t appear anyone was in distress or injured. No weapons were involved as well.

Montague says they are hoping to find out more about what exactly transpired and would like to talk to the woman when she is released from hospital.

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