Seniors Night at Balfour Collegiate touted as “Best ever” after almost being cancelled

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REGINA – Organizers are touting this year’s Seniors Night at Balfour Collegiate as the best to-date, after almost being cancelled a couple months ago.

The night’s event featured a packed room of seniors like Doreen Kuzyk who has been attending the event for the past five years.

They were treated to an entertainment program featuring student volunteers who performed music, dance and special acts.

 “The performances are something else, they’re wonderful,” Kuzyk says


It’s has been no easy event to pull off. According to volunteers, it takes months of planning, but it’s worth it.

“Everyone looks forward to it. It’s a good atmosphere,” Grade 12 student Kaitlyn Tonita says.

She and a couple hundred other students helped to transform the school’s gymnasium in to a banquet hall, adding that seniors get the five-star treatment.

“We escort the seniors from the buses into our facility,” Tonita adds.

It’s an amazing sight to see for Raeleen Fehr-Rose, the event’s organizer.

“It’s very heart-warming because it really is the generations connecting with each other.”

It was a connection almost severed this year as funding was cut by the school board.

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However, a crowd-funding page started by Fehr-Rose raised more than enough to save the event after media, including Global Regina picked up the story.

“Since it’s not an event that we charge money to attend it really was because of the community donations,” Fehr-Rose says.

According Fehr-Rose, this year’s Seniors Night saw approximately 600 people in attendance, making it the most successful ever.

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