Ohio teen shackled, held captive by relatives in basement for a year escapes

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TOLEDO, Ohio – Police in Ohio say they found leg irons in a basement where a 13-year-old girl says relatives kept her shackled as punishment.

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Authorities say the girl used a spare key to escape Wednesday night and was found more than a kilometre away in Toledo.

Officers say a man and his 27-year-old son who were taken into custody early Thursday were apparently trying to flee when they were spotted leaving the home in a van.

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Both 53-year-old Timothy Ciboro and son Esten Ciboro are charged with kidnapping and child endangerment and are being held on US $500,000 bond.

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Court records don’t list attorneys for them.

The head of a county children services agency says the girl is related to the two men.

Police records say they had two younger children and a gun with them in the van.

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Court documents say the girl told investigators she was shackled to a support beam in the basement as punishment and forced to sleep there.

She says it had been going on at different times for a year.



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