‘Absolutely sexphobic’: Moncton sex shop unable to post to federal job bank

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A Moncton business is accusing the federal government of censoring its job postings.

Trisha Daley —; who manages the Sensation O sex shop —; believes it’s because of what her store sells.

Trisha Daley claims the government is keeping her from posting job vacancies on the online federal job bank because of the adult novelties that line her store shelves.

“It is absolutely sexphobic,” Daley told Global News.

Daley says two weeks ago she tried to post a part-time retail clerk position on the site, only to have the post denied.

“Even though you legislate our business through your government, you are telling me that my own government is being sexphobic and won’t allow adult industry to advertise jobs? And I am infuriated by it,” Daley said.

Daley says she was told by a job bank employee that her “type” of “adult” business was under review.


“Any other retail business can advertise, and you are telling me that my business can’t advertise on your job bank even though we pay the taxes to fund the job bank,” she said.

Feeling judged

She says she’s worked very hard to create a classy and welcoming environment in the store, where customers feel comfortable shopping in a non-judgmental place.

Now, she says she’s the one feeling judged.

“I am really insulted that my own federal government has basically said that my job is not as worthy as any other job.”

This week the liberal government introduced legislation against discriminating on the basis of gender identity or expression, which Daley applauds.

But she says the government is sending mixed messages, and that she and her customers are being discriminated against.

Humans rights aside Daley says, people need access to all jobs, especially in New Brunswick.

Daley tweeted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about her ordeal. She says hasn’t gotten a reply, and that her job post in the job bank is still pending.

“The whole point of our business is to make people happy and you are not okay with that as our federal government?” Daley said.

Global News reached out to Employment and Social Development Canada, however no one was available for comment.

The terms of use for the job bank limits lewd content or content it considers inappropriate.

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