2016 summer movies: 16 blockbusters hitting the big screen

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Whether you’re a die-hard comic-book fan, a lover of animated movies, or just a sucker for explosions and fast-paced action, the summer of 2016 is promising some gems at the theatre.

It’s a sequel kind of summer, with follow-ups like Independence Day: Resurgence, X-Men: Apocalypse, TMNT: Into the Shadows, among several others.

There’s a lot of buzz around Disney’s Finding Dory, the answer to 2003’s beloved Finding Nemo, and of course, the all-female Ghostbusters. Take a look at the trailers, below, and get excited for this summer at the cinema. It’s going to be a blast.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (May 27)

Full of colour, magical characters and off-the-cuff humour, the latest Alice film will appeal to those who liked the first. Both kids and adults can fall down this rabbit hole.

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X-Men Apocalypse (May 27)

The third prequel film in the X-Men series, it’s less backstory and more forward-looking than the previous films. With lots of interesting views into the mutants gaining control of their powers, there’s no danger of getting bored.

TMNT: Into the Shadows (June 3)

Despite decades of time passing, TMNT never seems to lose its appeal for all ages. Who knew wise-cracking animated turtles could be so popular?

The Conjuring 2 (June 10)

The reason The Conjuring got a sequel is because the original was so surprisingly good. The studio is banking on this second film being just as big an audience magnet. Here’s hoping they kept the scares in.

Now You See Me 2 (June 10)

This movie about magic on a grand scale (and used for criminal activity) is fun, and packed to the gills with celebrities of the moment. Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame is in this follow-up to the 2013 caper.

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Finding Dory (June 17)

Anticipation is very high for this movie, following the success of its predecessor Finding Nemo, which is arguably one of the biggest animated movies of all time. With Ellen DeGeneres voicing the titular Dory, expect to laugh until you cry. Or vice-versa.

Free State of Jones (June 24)

Matthew McConaughey takes on another Oscar-worthy role in this based-on-a-true-story film about a farmer who stages a rebellion, using local farmers and slaves, against the U.S. Confederacy during the Civil War.

Independence Day: Resurgence (June 24)

A week ahead of the Fourth of July, this blockbuster may just be the film of the summer. Expect aliens, explosions and witty remarks about America kicking everybody’s ass. No Will Smith this time around, unfortunately.

The BFG (July 1)

This story is a classic from many childhoods, written by fantasy master Roald Dahl. Adults and kids alike will revel in the film’s daydream-y scenes.

The Legend of Tarzan (July 1)

Ah, the jokes that have been made about Alexander Skarsgård. He’s playing Tarzan in the film, and the trailer features him in a loincloth and not much else. This live-action version of the story could go any which way, but we’re thinking it’ll be like the recent Jungle Book (meaning good).

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Ghostbusters (July 15)

For better or worse, this all-female version of the ’80s classic movie Ghostbusters will get people talking. At the very least, we get to revisit Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and apocalyptic New York City.

Ice Age: Collision Course (July 22)

Ice Age movies are like Pablum: plop your child down in front of them and you won’t need to worry for a couple hours. The brightness and jovial tone of the films is impossible to hate, so sit back and laugh along with the kiddies.

Star Trek Beyond (July 22)

Despite the strange rock n’ roll trailer, Star Trek is Star Trek. Fanboys and fangirls will go to see this in droves, even if it’s terrible. Which it won’t be, right? Make it so, Justin Lin!

Jason Bourne (July 29)

Matt Damon is back as Bourne, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. With one-man action films suffering a bad fate as of late (excluding you, Deadpool), expect badass Bourne to inject some much-needed chase scenes into the cinema.

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Suicide Squad (August 5)

People have been talking about this movie for so long it feels like it’s already been released. Suicide Squad features Jared Leto as the Joker, Will Smith as Deadshot, Ben Affleck reprising Batman… there are too many famous faces and characters to list here. Just go see it, you know you want to.

Ben-Hur (August 19)

In terms of remakes, Ben-Hur is a monster. The 1959 version is viewed as one of the best movies of all time, so this iteration has a lot to live up to. God speed, Morgan Freeman and Jack Huston.

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