$1,000 reward for missing goat

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KELOWNA–A Kelowna woman is offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of her missing pet goat.


Natalie Stolz got the miniature goat, which she named Sophie, from her boyfriend this spring as a birthday present. 

 She often left the goat at a friend’s farm in East Kelowna in a pen with other animals while she went to work.

On May 4, she got a call that her goat was missing, and an extensive search of the area turned up no sign of the pet.

Stolz says she doesn’t the small goat could escape the pen she was in, and doesn’t think Sophie was attacked by a predator either, because the rabbits that were also in the pen are fine.

“I think maybe somebody has her and they’re just not giving her up,” says Stolz.

Two business owners in the complex that Stolz works in have offered to help her, each offering $500 for a reward.

Mike Forman’s automotive shop is a couple of doors down from where Stolz works and he used to see her walking her goat on her work breaks.

“We talked to Natalie about a reward and she said ‘Yup, if I had a reward I’d get her back tomorrow’, so I offered a reward.  We’ll see what happens,” says Forman.

And Stolz’ own boss, Colin Redisky at Lyman Lures matched the 500 dollar offer.

“I hope she gets her goat back, for sure,”says Redisky.

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